28 November 2011

A Successful Holiday Weekend...

This holiday weekend was perfect!  It was great to get some time to have fun and relax.

Thanksgiving was so fun, everyone came over to our house and we feasted.  Then we went to Ali's later that night for dessert and games.  We had so much food left over, I'm still eating it!!
I read the book 'Winter Sea' on my kindle and I loved it!  It's definitely one of those that I could go back and read again!
On Friday night Grandma Ferre brought home a tree and decorations!  We had so much fun putting on the Christmas music and decorating the house!
Then on Saturday I got my hair cut and dyed it.  I'm loving it :)
I went over to Lazel's on Saturday night and we had a fun night hanging pictures, painting our nails, and decorating.
I took advantage of the Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals and got some things from OldNavy and JCPenney.  Happy Christmas to me :)