29 September 2011

Awkward and Awesome Thursday!

awkward =
- Watching season one of "The Event" this past week... then finding out that it was canceled.
- That Tessa's nickname for me has stuck, and now everyone calls me Kitty. 
- When one of the above men told me I looked hot with a stache... well, maybe that was a little bit awesome.
- The movie Something Borrowed.  I loved Ethan (John Krasinski) but hated everyone else! 
- How neglected my blog has been.  Sorry little blog!

awesome =
- (see above picture)
- The double-takes I got when wearing that stache.
- Finding my retainer after two years and having it still fit!
- My new moleskin notebook... it's getting lots of love.
- The Piranha house.
- The Sing Off
- Sunday dinners
- The weather - It's starting to cool off!
- Every desert I make consists of cocolate and peanut butter... because that's all I have.
- Choir sounds sooo good right now!