01 August 2011

looking back and moving forward...

Happy August! 

Yesterday's topic at church was on temples, and it reminded me of some of the best times I've had here in Hawaii.  The highlight of all of my time in Hawaii so far was the Laie Temple dedication.  I was able to sing in a choir for the first session, and it was the most amazing spiritual experience! 

I want to always be as close to the spirit as I was in that moment.  I know that to do this I need to be attending the temple regularly.  So it was perfect timing when I came across a group that is doing baptisms at the temple on Thursday mornings!  My new goal is to go to the temple once a week, and I am so excited to start this Thursday! 

"Attend the temple. You will be blessed for so doing. Every man or woman who goes into the house of the Lord leaves there a better man or woman than he or she was when he or she entered the house of the Lord. The house of the Lord will have a refining effect upon you. It will cultivate unselfishness within your lives. It will build righteousness. It will impress upon you the importance of doing what you ought to do. Go to the house of the Lord." President Gordon B. Hinckley