13 June 2011

nerd glasses [part one]

I have always loved wearing glasses.  I think they suite my face and are the perfect accessory.  BUT right now I don't have a pair that fits well / doesn't give me a headache!  I was looking around for glasses inspiration and I am loving the larger frames / "nerd glasses" look.  Here are some looks that I love:





Then I found warbyparker.com - $95 glasses, including the prescription lenses!  Amazing price, and they have some amazing styles too!

My favorite part - their 5 pairs for 5 days home try-ons.  They send you 5 pairs of glasses for free to try on in the comfort of your own home.  I'm excited because it means I can actually wear the glasses around for a day to see if they are comfortable to wear all day!  My order is in, I'll be coming back for feedback when I get my trial glasses!