18 May 2011

now presenting: deep thoughts with Katherine

"I think some of the most attractive traits a person can have are a happy disposition, a good dose of appropriate self-confidence, and a sense of purpose."
{John Bytheway}

I came across this quote while reading during Brody's nap today (on my kindle... I think it needs a name... hmm.) and loved it instantly.  I think this describes perfectly some of the people I personally look up to - my mother, my  Grandma Bees, and my rommie Ali to name a few - as well as those we as a society/in the church look to as our leaders.  I think these are some of the things we all strive for, and everyone could certainly be doing better in at least one of these categories!  So this is how I think I am doing...

1.  A happy disposition:
I generally think of myself as a happy person, and hope that that comes across to others, but I can do better.  I can count my blessings more and see how much I am loved.  I want people to want to be around me because I can brighten their day and my own!
2.  A good dose of appropriate self-confidence:
It would surprise some, but I definitely find myself lacking in this area!  I have been the subject of many lectures on confidence in my voice classes, and hesitated much before deciding to major in vocal performance.  This is a work-in-progress for me...
3.  A sense of purpose:
This point brought two questions to my mind - What are my goals? and Am I doing all I can to achieve them?  I know what I want in life, but I think what I do with my time does not always reflect my goals in the way it should.  I will have to give this one more thought and come back to that...

I know that often we are much more critical of ourselves than others are of us and can't clearly see what they see in us.  But it is by looking at ourself critically that we can grow!  I can see lots of room for improvement in myself, and that makes me one step closer to that person that I know can be.  :]