18 April 2010

Relief Society lesson - Prayer

I taught relief society today and the lesson was on prayer, I think it went really well! I loved all the quotes I found for this lesson and I got some great discussion from the class.

Gordon B Hinckley:
"The trouble with most of our prayers is that we give them as if we are picking up the phone and ordering groceries - we place our order and hang up. We need to meditate, contemplate, think of what we are praying about and for, and then speak to the Lord as one man speaketh to another."

Gerald N Lund:
"We can study and pray, on occasion we can add fasting to our prayers; we can importune the Lord with deep yearnings; we can keep sacred covenants; all of these will help create a climate that fosters spiritual growth. But we must remember that when all is done, it is still up to the Lord to determine when revelation comes, how i is given, what is revealed, and to whom."

Neil L Anderson:
"The scriptures speak of the Lord's arms being open, extended, stretched out, and encircling. They are described as mighty and holy, arms of mercy, arms of safety, arms of love, lengthening out all day long. We have each felt to some extent these spiritual arms around us."