18 March 2010

Feeling a little better.

I went to the doctor and he said I have an ear infection and a sinus infection... not fun at all. But I'm feeling a little better today. Hopefully by tomorrow the antibiotics will really start to kick in, because I have a million songs I need to practice for the next couple weeks!
A week from tomorrow I am singing for the Conference of Champions (and getting $50 for participating - score!) then on Saturday the 27th I have a dress rehearsal for our choir concert in the morning, then in the afternoon the Morning Music Club competition, and that night is our choir concert! Next on April 2nd is Pinoy Idol - that should be fun! And finally I have Vocal major juries on April 6th! ... I think that's it. (But that's not including all of my other classes and finals coming up!) This will be a busy few weeks!

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